I Wish I Had... (PLEASE fill in the blank!)

As summer vacation comes to an end, at Aleph Bet Preschool & Kindergarten we are hard at work preparing for another successful year. ABP&K is dedicated to providing children, ages 2 through Kindergarten, with quality Jewish Early Childhood Education.

We are always looking for ways to enhance the experience of our students.  This is the current wish list of our school. Prices are based on current Discount School Supply prices.  All cash donations are tax-deductible and will be earmarked for the specific items requested. Donations can be made securely at  www.alephbetaz.com/donate.  

We thank you for partnering with us in making ABP&K the wonderful place that it is!

New Preschool Classroom Rug 2 @ $499/each

Kindergarten Storage Unit $289

See-Through Blocks - Large Set (15) 3 (1 per classroom) @ $210/each 

Kitchen Area Rug $200

Value Line Multi-Section Storage  $185.95

Floor Unit Blocks - 162 Block Set   2 @ $175/each

Rock-a-Boat $170

See-Through Blocks – Small set $150

Doll House $150

City Rugwith 2 Sets of Wooden Trucks $100

Mobile Art Rack $99

Pretend Play People - Set of 28 $63.89

4 Families of 8 in Storage Tray $59.95

Aleph Bet Board Games [email protected] $29/each

Aleph Bet Manipulatives [email protected] $25/each

Aleph Bet Posters and Flashcards 6 @ $9.99/each


 If you have any questions or wish to donate other items, please contact Rabbi Dov and Mussie, or call 602-944-2580. Thank you!