Kindergarten - 5's

We offer an enriched, well-rounded education, including a combination of secular and Judaic academics.

Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) is utilized to build writing and language arts strategies. Teaching letters in a developmental order, helps children master skills. We teach capitals first, and then lowercase letters. All letters are taught in small groups of similar formation. Children master the easier letter groups, and then move to the more complex letters groups.

The Handwriting Without Tears® program teaches a simple, clean, vertical style of printing that is easiest for children. HWT printing style helps children succeed in handwriting. The continuous stroke print looks like the letters and words children read every day.


Our reading program is based on phonemic awareness, phonics, and word knowledge.

Reading is primarily a visual skill but is best taught when involving all the key avenues to the mind (hearing, saying, writing, and seeing).

By linking speaking, spelling, and writing  with reading (SWR), we connect four different pathways to the brain, thereby paving the way for virtually everyone to learn.

We integrate spelling into our reading program so children can form the words they are learning to read.

Phonemic word families are studied in depth for children to understand word formations. Reading fun books based on sight words and phonics, builds reading and comprehension abilities.