Sonzee's Outdoor Classroom -
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Sonzee's Outdoor Learning Center

An Outdoor Learning Zone for our children!

Why An Outdoor Classroom
The brainchild of our director, the outdoor learn and play area is a perfect mix of hands on learning, exhilarating fun and a natural environment!
The space will serve as a medium for learning and play as our young students continue their search and exploration of life and learning. The featured play structures were hand picked for their dual ability to teach and be fun.
In Loving Memory of Sonzee
Sonya Ahava Zaila obm, passed away just a few short months ago at the tender age of 5 due to a rare genetic disorder CDKL5. Sonzee's parents ensured her ability to grow and explore to the best and beyond her medical prognosis. This new Learning Center will enable us to offer our students new dimensions and hands on learning in a fun and natural environment.